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tools4revit smart diffusers



Powerful Revit MEP extension allows you to easily add engineering data to Air Terminals (to Duct Fittings and Accessories if needed) and use them in your design process with automatic data updates

Compatible with Revit MEP 2012,

Revit MEP
2013 & Revit MEP 2014


tools4revit Smart Diffusers

Feature Set for Revit MEP

Revit Smart Diffusers extension allows you to quickly add to MEP families an unlimited number of engineering parametric equations which defines the relationship between main HVAC parameters like: Pressure Drop, Sound Power Level, Air Flow, Velocity, Throw, Duct Diameter, Free area and others.

This can be easily done by adding Manufacturer‘s data like logarithmic (linear) graphs.

Every parametric equation (graph) has a priority which allow it automatically flow data from one graph to another in predefined way.

Fully integrated "function compositions" in families allow for easy calculated n-dimensional HVAC parameters.

Smart families can be used in any project or distributed by web or network without any additional files.

Extension includes special workflow to define air flow conditions in the space.

Workflow includes three steeps:

1.  Calculating number of Air Terminals needed in the space by:

  • Specified (calculated) supply (return, exhaust) air flow
  • Air Terminal type (duct diameter or grille free area)
  • Maximum Sound Power Level of Air Terminal type
  • Maximum Velocity in Duct

2.  Define the number of Air Terminals on the basis of calculation results and other conditions

3.  Find optimal type of Air Terminal by:

  • Predefined Number of Air Terminals in Space
  • Specified (calculated) supply (return, exhaust) air flow
  • Maximum Sound Power Level of Air Terminal type
  • Maximum Velocity in Duct

There are functions to automatically update n-dimensional parameters for all air terminals and accessories (fittings) in the project.

Includes smart families of diffusers, grilles and dampers as examples of how to build intelligent Revit MEP objects. Smart families in metric and imperial units are based on the manufacturer‘s data.

Includes diffusers and grilles from Lindab and Halton. Includes dampers of Halton, Actionair, Ruskin and silencers from Lindab.

System Requirements


Software versions: Compatible with Revit MEP 2012 & Revit MEP 2013


Unit systems: Metric

Install supports: Revit MEP 32-bit and 64-bit versions


Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Language: English

System Requirements: Same as for 32-bit or 64-bit Autodesk Revit MEP

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