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Revit Architecture Productivity Pack


Revit Architecture Productivity Pack solves these headaches:

  • Do I need to manually create legend tables with element views in my own design?
  • How can I update elements in the legend, depending on the model? It takes a long time to bring and update all of the data into the legend manually!
  • What do I need to do if I want to use actual images of the doors and other elements in my legends?
  • Do I have to manually split my created legend table to place them on different pages? 
  • How can I quickly create a legend table depended on swing direction of my doors or windows? 
  • Can I update elements in the legend from the linked project?


    Solution we provide - Dynamic Legend (DL)

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • How can I find the Revit content in my computer by parameter name or value? 
  • Can I group my more than 500 elements by the category of how it is created, not by names and folders? 
  • How can I review my element parameters for a family before putting it to the project? 
  • I have created smart Revit families, how can I earn some money from my efforts?


    Solution we provide - Smart Browser

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • Placing dimensions is time consuming, how can I make it quicker?
  • Can I automatically add dimensions just to my selected elements?
  • Is there a way to create more than one dimension chain with one click? 
  • How can I add dimension chains on the elevation and section views?
  • Is here a way to join existing separate dimensions to one dimension chain? 


    Solution we provide - Quick Dimensions

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • Do I have to manually create all of the sheets for my 100 floor building?
  • How can I add additional views to existing set of 100 sheets a lot faster than doing so manually?
  • Do I need to manually update different scales on every sheet in a 100 sheet set?
  • How can I put new views into the same place on all sheets? 
  • How can I update specific parameters for 100 or more sheets? 


    Solution we provide - Smart Sheets

  • Using a standard Cope command in Revit it takes a lot of time, because each beam must be coped separately. How can I do it a lot faster?
  • Can I cope framings of my selected trusses with one click?
  • Can I change the coping method for cope beams in my selected method? 
  • How can I change coping distances for my selected beams with one click? 


    Solution we provide - Sort&Cope

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • How can I cut holes in the places where ducts, pipes, cable traces or conduits are crossing walls, floors or ceilings? Do I need to cut it manually? How much time will I spend to cut 100 openings?
  • Can I change offsets of created openings a lot faster than manually doing so?
  • How can I create openings in walls, floors or ceilings if it is in linked file?

    Solution we provide - Cut Opening

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • Do I need to manually create floor panels throughout my building?
  • How can I create floor panels faster by using walls, grids or reference planes?
  • Can I split selected floor panels with one click?
  • Can I update existing floor panels automatically according changes in the project? 

    Solution we provide - Smart Floors

    ...for Revit Architecture User

  • How can I calculate U-Value (overall heat transfer coefficient) for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and foundation slabs automatically? 

    Solution we provide - U-Value

  • How can I insert external information from MS Word or MS Excel to my Revit tables?
  • How can I update existing information on a Revit table with a new one? 

    Solution we provide - Quick Table

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