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BIM Tree Manager


for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP BIM software



BIM Tree Manager is innovative and powerful BIM software for incredible fast building design, facility management and BIM data analysis in the current or linked projects.


Great Solution for BIM Managers and BIM Modelers, Project Managers, Architects, Designers and Engineers. 


BIM Tree Manager organizes BIM data in a Dynamic Tree layout. So, it is easy to navigate, find, modify any element and element parameters.






Latest releases


v2014.2 and v2013.3 


Using BIM Tree Manager all modifications happen in real time allowing you to easily control all design processes.


You can to quickly insert architectural, structural, mechanical elements (Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Structural Connections, Areas etc) by using built-in and fully customizable rules into predefined positions that are logically related with other objects. A database of rules can be easily extended by request of Autodesk Revit users.


BIM Tree Manager makes the design of any building incredible fast!



Functions and features:

BIM Tree Manager provides a set of functions for BIM modeling and BIM data analysis


  • Create new parameter
  • Fill up with a number of any classification system
  • Change any parameter value
  • Change type of any elements in the BIM Dynamic Tree
  • Replace any elements
  • Calculate a new value of parameter
  • Sort and mark elements
  • Calculate totals
  • Create schedules
  • There are many more important functions for you …


BIM Tree Manager TOP 4 Uses:


  • Incredible Performance Increases
  • Easy Modeling
  • Analysis
  • Error Reduction



BIM Tree Manager software is compatible with Autodesk Revit software

BIM Tree Manager functions


For fast Building Design, Facility Management & BIM Data Analysis in the current or linked Revit projects


BIM Tree Manager functions: classification management; modify tree elements; quantities; families management; interference checking; scheduling



BIM Tree Manager provides a powerful set of functions for building model detailing and BIM data analysis.


  • Parameters (type, material and any geometrical data) of hundreds of grouped or sorted objects can be easy modified with one click of the mouse.


  • Replaces different families with the same sizes.


  • Replaces curtain walls with windows when curtain walls are used as windows in the design process.


  • "Analyze data" function groups and quantifies objects in different sections of the BIM Data Tree. Users can select different grouping and filter elements for analysis.


  • Calculates areas and room wall finishes (material name, gross wall area, net wall area, wall segment length and etc) and groups data in different ways.


  • Analyzing results can be exported to Excel or built in Revit legend depending on configured settings.


  • Any model elements can be easily selected using different built-in rules.


  • BID tool allows users to easily export search results to drafting views for reporting purposes.


  • Custom built connections to different systems (ERP, Cost estimating solutions and etc) are available by request.


BIM Tree Manager allows BIM data analysisBIM Tree Manager replaces curtain walls with windows


Revit BIM Dynamic Tree

How does BIM Tree Manager work?

  • Revit BIM Dynamic Tree organizes project information in the Tree Layout.


  • It is easy to navigate the Tree, expand and collapse tree Branches of all Revit BIM data.


  • Possibility to save settings of current BIM Dynamic Tree configuration for future.


  • Easy to create Revit schedule for current or saved BIM Dynamic Tree configuration.


The BIM Tree can be pre-cached to any number of levels and sections!


You can manage your BIM model by:


  • Levels
  • Rooms
  • Departments
  • Classification numbers
  • Family Type
  • etc. 



















Revit BIM Tree Node

How does BIM Tree Manager work



Revit BIM Tree Nodes are hundreds or thousands of users grouped Revit objects.




BIM Tree Manager shows parameters and it's values of all Revit elements in the BIM Tree.



Revit BIM Tree Node Selection

How does BIM Tree Manager work                          


If you select any node…  … BIM Tree Manager will show you selected branch elements only!




… BIM Tree Manager will select elements on your actual model! ... With the right click of the mouse will be easy to manage selected elements


You will have these capabilities:    


  • Save current BIM Tree Dynamic Node Configuration of selected in node elements for future usage;
  • Insert new elements by different predefined rules in to positions which are related to displaying elements in the branch. Parameters of related objects can be applied for new elements;
  • Easy to create Revit schedule for current or saved BIM Tree Dynamic Node configuration.


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